Find the Perfect MINI For Your Lifestyle


MINI carries a selection of great vehicles that fit whatever lifestyle you lead. From top-down city cruising to family utility to off-roading and more, MINI Toronto has got you covered. Let your vehicle support whichever life you lead, and become an extension of all that you enjoy. At MINI Toronto, we want you to get the best MINI that works for you, so follow along and see which vehicle suits you!

(1) MINI Convertible

Cruise in style and freedom in the MINI Convertible. Perfect for city driving, this open-top compact vehicle lets you feel the wind in your hair. The Twin Power Turbo engine propels you to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. Its slim design, highlighted by smooth lines, creates an aerodynamic profile that cuts through the air with ease. The soft-top can be put in 3 different positions so you can enjoy some quick protection if the weather turns south. A Chester Leather Malt Brown upholstery option is just a great MINI character accent upgrade that brings luxury to the next level. The diamond stitching provides an added touch of elegance to this convertible.

(2) MINI Clubman

For your family and everything that everyday life demands, take a look at what the MINI Clubman offers. Its generous interior can be accessed through any side door or large rear door while providing comfy seating for five people. The interior boasts 1,250 litres of boot space so you can really stretch out and not feel squished. It isn’t just roomy inside either, as its leather seat material provides a sophisticated finish for even when it’s just your kids riding in the back. The Clubman also doesn’t skimp on performance with its ALL4 all-wheel drive, delivering superb handling wherever the day takes you.

(3) MINI Countryman

If you’re one for adventure and following where the road takes you, bring the MINI Countryman with you on your next journey. This off-road vehicle has all the characteristics of an SUV in the compact hatchback style of a MINI. Its ALL4 all-wheel drive, panoramic sunroof, increased rear trunk space, roof rails and exterior styling package options have all been added to this vehicle to offer a user-friendly country driving experience. The roomy 5-seat interior gives you all the space you need for all of your passengers and cargo to ride comfortably. For all of your safety wherever you may be, its Hill Hold Control makes sure your vehicle won’t roll backwards and the Dynamic Stability Control uses your brakes and deceleration to adjust power to your wheels. The Countryman has everything in mind to make your next escapade one to remember.

(4) MINI 3 Door/ 5 Door

If you want everything from MINI in a well-rounded vehicle, the 3 Door and 5 Door options are the MINIs for you. This is the classic MINI Cooper style that has permeated pop culture and what often comes first to mind when you think of MINI. If a storied history is important to you when choosing a vehicle—and how could it not—-then this icon makes sure you exude the defined legacy of MINI to every passerby. As well, there’s always the John Cooper Works upgrade package for those who want to take their MINI onto the racetrack, which adds a race-tuned engine with high-level level racing design style aspects. You can never go wrong with this definitive MINI.

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